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Whodunits that merit a curiosity trip.  Every lie is

complicated; there's more to the truth than just facts.

About Me

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Al is a Navy veteran, a Tech Writer/Editor, a retired professional magician, and a storywriter.

My Writing Roots

I amassed a wealth of experience writing documents, directives, instructions, booklets, handbooks, technical manuals and scripted patter (for magic tricks) during two diverse careers spanning a total of 35 years.  Writing a novel was the next challenge.

My Style

I start a novel by answering the question of "Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How?"  For example, my first novel, Of Ghosts and Magic, revolved around the disappearance of a high-school class president, twenty-plus years after his graduation.  Once the concept was set in stone, the story easily came to life.

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        Al's four mystery novels, Of Ghosts and Magic, House of Tarot Cards, A Pocket Full of Voices, and The Last Goodbye, feature protagonist John Michaels, a retired Master Magician living in Virginia Beach.

        Al has created a down-to-earth character who voluntarily becomes a private investigator to help unravel a seemingly impossible mystery. 

        Michaels' unique understanding of how the mind can be easily fooled, coupled with his "outside the box" thought process, methodically proves that an unconventional clue - no matter how strange - is always worth pursuing.


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Of Ghosts and Magic

No one knew if Alex Holloman's disappearance, in 1974, was the result of foul play.  However, 27 years later, the mystery is finally unraveled by American's Foremost Magician - John Michaels.

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House of Tarot Cards

A detective reopens a 3-year-old cold case file, hoping that America's Foremost Magician - John Michaels - can see through the smoke and mirrors to help solve a psychic's murder.

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A Pocket Full Of Voices

It's "open season" on celebrity visitors to Mount Hope City, the East Coast's gambling capital.  However, the sheriff's arrest of a veteran entertainer is not an open and shut case.

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The Last Goodbye

One famous park.  Two famous magicians.  One's dead; the other's at death's door.  An eye for an eye, or a case of mistaken identity?  A fateful story of loss, hope, friendship and revenge.

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